Want to Dress Like a Real Pirate? You Can’t Go Wrong with these Pirate Fashion Tips!

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Want to Dress Like a Real Pirate?
So, you want to portray a real pirate with your dressing? It doesn’t matter whether your pirate fashion is for Halloween or cosplay, you need a combo of the right accessories, makeup and clothing items to look convincingly pirate. Ready to learn the tips and tricks? Come along!

First thing First –Prep Your Face like a Pirate’s
No doubts, pirate outfit is a big factor in replicating a pirate look. But, it’s not enough. Your face also needs to match your pirate fashion. Wondering what to do to have the right pirate face? It’s so simple with these tips;
· Apply makeup, making sure the shades are somewhat darker than your skin. Alternatively, you should get a good tan. Having spent most of your time on the ship’s deck, you want to appear so, right? It means your skin should look sun-kissed.
· Make Your Eyes Smoky. It’s easy to get a smoky eye. Use a dark eyeliner to do the work. And, to highlight the look, apply dark eyeshadow.
· Create sun-dried hair. You know how the hair of pirates look…sun-burnt, wavy hair
· And of course, your cheeks should look rosy. A male or female pirate who has been busy sparring, running around the deck and sword-fighting should have cheeks that are looking flushed. It’s easy to create – simply apply a mild blush.
All sounds pretty cool and easy, right? So, now that you know how to create the right pirate face, it’s time to deck yourself with the right pirate costume.

Choose the Right Pirate Clothes
So, here you are! It’s time to talk about the best pirate attire to complement your pirate face. Your shirt and pants should capture that of a true sea dog. There are no fast and hard rules when it comes to looking like a true pirate with your clothing items. Just follow these simple tips;
· Go for a faded, Lived-in look. The essence is to convince passers-by that you’ve spent most part of your life aboard a ship…no time to go shop for new clothes. Besides, the clothes are laundered in salty water aboard a ship
· The more rips and patches you have on your clothing, the better
· Go for poofy shirts that can be easily tucked into faded and patched pants. You may choose the ones with untied drawstrings that hang down from the collar
· Male pirates should consider flaunting the hair on their chest
· A black or red jacket layered over a white top would also be a great pirate look. This portrays your appearance on the windy see when the weather gets cold
· Whether you want to look like a male or female pirate, tight and rippled black jeans or leather pants are great choices as well
To complete your pirate fashion and look, you can’t go wrong with footwear such as ragged brown sandals or pointy black boots. You can go haywire with your pirate look by going bare feet!