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Homemade Ideas for Pirate Costumes

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Homemade Ideas for Pirate Costumes
Pirate costumes are not complex to come up with. In fact, you will be amazed at the little time and effort required to create your own pirate costume. Good-looking is the signature of pirates, particularly as they sail the seven seas. You just have to get creative with it and you will look like a pirate sooner than you imagined.
This is how it works;
Tip #1: Make it Look Rough
Roughness is what characterizes the life of a pirate. So, if you want to reflect a pirate look perfectly, you need to tear, rip and shred to create a rough look. You need to reflect the tears, fringes and holes that are typical of the pirate lifestyle. Search your closet for old cloth you would not likely need again...

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