Pirate Outfits – The Best Props and Accessories to Accentuate Your Pirate Look

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Choosing to be a pirate for a costume party, Halloween or other themed event can be great idea. You want to pose like someone who has been aboard a ship for years and has become rugged and ruffled in look as a result. You need the right pirate props and accessories to match your pirate outfits and accentuate your Pirate look.

In that case, you can never go wrong with the following props and accessories;

A Plastic Sword – A fake sword eliminates the danger that comes with handling a real sword. Go for a silver or gold plastic sword and tuck it into your belt. But, you should also reassure people that your sword is not real when whipping it out.

A Bag of Coins – Get a back of gold doubloons and wear it across your shoulder. Clink the coins together to make noise with the bag and allow the coins to spill out from time to time. It depicts a successful plundering while out on the sea.

A Bottle of Rum – Another great prop to accentuate pirate outfits is an empty bottle of rum. Pirates are always seen with rum. Get a zero alcohol beverage that looks like rum and fill the empty bottle with it. Bring it out and take a swig occasionally.

A Pirate Hat – Also known as tricorn, a pirate heart is a great addition (in fact it’s a must) to a pirate fashion. It’s a great accessory to achieve a mystique look with your pirate clothe.

Pirate Belt – Particularly a leather belt with a space to insert your plastic sword. But, if you can’t find the one with space for sword, not to worry, you can always improvise for your sword’s space.

A Parrot that will Stand on your Shoulder – You will daze onlookers the more and impress them with a parrot on your shoulder when you dress up like a pirate. A fake parrot will be perfect.

Suitable Jewelry – To accentuate your pirate look, go for gold and silver earrings alongside a thick gold necklace. The guys should consider clip-ons instead of piercing their ears.

Temporal Tattoos – Also, you can step up your pirate look by having temporary tattoos on your body. The tattoo image that will work well in this case is that of an anchor drawn on your forearm, neck or bicep, or you can go for crossbones and a skull.

Visit an online costume store to assemble your pirate outfits.