Homemade Ideas for Pirate Costumes

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Homemade Ideas for Pirate Costumes
Pirate costumes are not complex to come up with. In fact, you will be amazed at the little time and effort required to create your own pirate costume. Good-looking is the signature of pirates, particularly as they sail the seven seas. You just have to get creative with it and you will look like a pirate sooner than you imagined.
This is how it works;
Tip #1: Make it Look Rough
Roughness is what characterizes the life of a pirate. So, if you want to reflect a pirate look perfectly, you need to tear, rip and shred to create a rough look. You need to reflect the tears, fringes and holes that are typical of the pirate lifestyle. Search your closet for old cloth you would not likely need again. Once you lay your hand on an old pant, rip some tears into the cloth, especially at the legs. And, if you want to look like a typical pirate, consider ripping of the shirt too.
Tip #2: Go for Stripes
You should also consider stripes when making Pirate costumes. Pirates tend to be in love with stripes, probably because a lot of them were ex-cons. One of the best ways to express ‘Pirate’ is to wear a black and white shirt with stripes and a wide neck. It must not be black and white stripe, any other color with stripes would do. Do a little ripping on the collar using a sharp scissors. This would create wider neck.
Tip#3: Accessorizing
Your accessories should mimic the way pirates plunder and display their booty. What you need is bangles to feel your arms. You need bracelets too, plus beads that look like pearls on your neck. Another obvious signature of the pirates is tons of rings on their fingers. So, complement your pirate costumes with loads of rings on your fingers. A cheap eye patch would do for the coup de grace, or you can simply create one using a strip of black cloth.
Tip #4: Adorn Your Head with Something
If you are familiar with pirates and their mode of dressing, they rarely leave their heads bare; sounds like bad manners, doesn’t it? Well, that’s the pirates’ life for you. An old fashioned hat will be just fine and would complement your pirate costume perfectly. You can decide to use a raggedy bandana or Napoleon style of hat. The most important effect with the heart is to cock it to one side.
Any of these pirate costumes ideas would provide that pirate look you had always dreamt of. You can even create the entire look from your old stuff without spending a dime. You can also choose your items from a costume store.