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Want to Dress Like a Real Pirate? You Can’t Go Wrong with these Pirate Fashion Tips!

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Want to Dress Like a Real Pirate?
So, you want to portray a real pirate with your dressing? It doesn’t matter whether your pirate fashion is for Halloween or cosplay, you need a combo of the right accessories, makeup and clothing items to look convincingly pirate. Ready to learn the tips and tricks? Come along!

First thing First –Prep Your Face like a Pirate’s
No doubts, pirate outfit is a big factor in replicating a pirate look. But, it’s not enough. Your face also needs to match your pirate fashion. Wondering what to do to have the right pirate face? It’s so simple with these tips;
· Apply makeup, making sure the shades are somewhat darker than your skin. Alternatively, you should get a good tan...

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